Young Leaf Fantasia, 2008

3D Animation

Proof of concept animation inspired by David Pyke’s orchestral work Young Leaf Fantasia (2004). Under the creative direction of Dr Ashley Holmes, the animation was produced by ‘Oubliette’, a team of four students undertaking the capstone course in the Bachelor of Multimedia studies at CQUniversity Australia in 2008. Solomon Hammond, Scott Harbinson, Stephen Nixon, and Paul Stone were the student collaborators of the ‘Oubliette’ team.

Moving conceptually from the macro to the micro, the animation features animations of icons of the tropical rain forest including the Ulysses Butterfly, the Green Ant and Queensland’s floral emblem, the Cooktown Orchid. Cellular plant processes and the molecular structures of photosynthesis are also fancifully visualised.

Workshops, installations, exhibition

Interactive multimedia exhibition

Interactive multimedia artwork

Interactive multimedia artwork