RHD supervisor

Completed supervision

  • 2017: Anita K Milroy, Doctor of Philosophy. Principal supervisor with co-supervisors Prof Donna Lee Brien and Dr Andrew Rozefelds. Thesis: Episteme, Techne & Poiesis: visualisations of extinction and evolution in Queensland Flora.
  • 2016: Marc C Scott, Doctor of Philosophy. Co-supervision with Prof Denis Cryle. Thesis: Invention to Institution: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Television Across Three National Sites.
  • 2014: Susan Grantham. Doctor of Professional Studies. Academic supervisor with professional supervisor Assistant Commissioner Peter Martin. Thesis: A proposal to manage social mediated YouTube threats to the reputation of the Queensland Police Service.
  • 2012: Thomas Duggan, Master of Communication. Co-supervision with Prof Denis Cryle. Thesis: Exploring the aesthetics of digital media genres.
  • 2012: Kaylee Boccalatte, Bachelor of Multimedia Studies Honours. Thesis: Succeeding social media: Designing a future for Queensland industries online trade shows.
  • 2010: Michael Lee, Master of Arts. Co-supervised with Assoc Prof Errol Vieth. Thesis: Smart Mark: a study into the Internet Wrestling Community’s impact on the world of pro-wrestling.

Current supervision

  • Lisa Brummel, Master of Arts (Research) candidate. Co-supervisor with Prof Donna Lee Brien. Thesis: Fractured, Parched and Broken.
  • Jaki Everitt, Doctor of Philosophy candidate. Thesis: Evidence of novel value in Design research: Can a patent validate an artifact? (Current status: suspended)
  • Glenda Hobdell, Doctor of Philosophy candidate. Thesis: Arts teachers as cultural animators: an Artographic inquiry into the potential role of schools as contributors to creative, innovative regions.
  • Thomas Marotta, Doctor of Philosophy candidate. Principal supervisor with Dr Kate Ames. Thesis: Fast Image: the implications for visual literacy of the ubiquity, speed of preparation and consumption of the image within the online environment.
  • John McKeering, Master of Arts (Research) candidate. Co-supervisor with Dr David Cashman. Thesis: Musicians and border security: the plight of the independent musician versus the major label musician.
  • Glen Shearer, Professional Doctorate candidate. Principal supervisor with Dr Wendy Fasso. Thesis: A Model for the Development of xAPI-conformant Serious Games.
  • Kanida Potrayanont, Doctor of Philosophy candidate. Co-supervision with Dr Ray Younis & Dr Ross Lehman. Thesis: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Visual Communication Appeals in Tourism Industries. (Current status: suspended)
  • Ulrike Sturm, Doctor of Philosophy candidate. Co-supervisor with Prof Donna Lee Brien. Thesis: New Stories, New Materials: An analysis of autobiographic visual narratives set in Papua New Guinea, with a focus on the work of Mathias Kauage and with reference to my creative practice as a visual artist.

Supervision and examination inquiries welcome at email: a.holmes[at]cqu.edu.au